European Journal of Parental Alienation Practices

The First Peer Reviewed Journal addressing Parental Alienation

We are delighted to announce that the first peer reviewed journal devoted specifically to the academic exploration and discussion of parental alienation practices in their wide application. This is another collaboration between Parental Alienation Europe and the Institute of Family Therapy Malta.

The mission of the journal is to create and provide a space to disseminate best practices and research in contemporary parental alienation studies. The editorial board of the journal include:

  1. Prof. Bill Bernet
  2. Prof. Jennifer Harman
  3. Dr. Charlie Azzopardi
  4. Dr. Padhraic Gibson
  5. Dr. Mandy Matthewson
  6. Dr. Chip Chimera
  7. Dr. Myrna Gower
  8. Dr. Gianpaolo Lombardi
  9. Mr. Brian O Sullivan